Saturday, April 22, 2017

To do the first look or not?

To do the first look or not?
So often we hear of brides and grooms struggling with this decision….

“Should we see each other before the ceremony and go ahead and get some photos out of the way?”
“Should we keep it traditional style and wait to see each other as I’m walking down the aisle?”

You aren’t going to go wrong with either, we promise.

We want to give you a couple of inside tips from our team of wedding planners and coordinators of things you may not have fully considered to help you and your fiance with this decision!

If you and your fiance do decide to do a first look:

1.    You will save a significant amount of time in between your cocktail hour and reception to enjoy with your guest and not feel rushed or pressed for time.
2.    Depending on the time of your ceremony and how long your ceremony is, the first look might help you get more daylight in your photos.
3.    Your hair and make up will be fresh!

If you and your fiance don’t decide to do a first look:

1.    You, plus your entire guest list will all get to be a part of such a significant moment together.
2. Your photos will have the facial expressions of all of your closest friends and family.
3. Most people think its bad luck to see each other before hand!

At, The Wheeler House we love both! Each time a couple is united in holy matrimony it is something so significantly special for us to witness. Whether you see each other before the actual ceremony or wait till the bride is coming down the aisle, the moment will be perfect.

With love,
The Wheeler House

Photography: Kevin Lowery

Friday, April 7, 2017

Spring Open House

We are so excited to announce our Spring Open House! With so many wonderful things happening around our venue we love opening our doors to all current and potential clients. Our open houses are always such a fun time because there is always something to do and something new! We have vendors onsite for all of your wedding needs. Hair and makeup? We’ve got it! Flowers? You bet! We at The Wheeler House want being a bride to be the most enjoyable and easy part of your planning experience!

With a vendor team that we have hand selected we know our clients are in the absolute best hands! We have formed such great relationships in the wedding industry and that is why we want our clients to fall in love with these vendors just as we have!

We ask that you all join us on April 30th from 1:30 -4:00 to meet and greet our staff and vendors, tour our facility, checkout The Wheeler Cottages for your overnight accommodations, and try some amazing treats! 

Please RSVP by clicking the link below:

We will see you soon! Xoxo

Florist: Holland Daze

Thursday, March 30, 2017

What to Bring on Your Wedding Day

When coming to your wedding venue on your big day, our in-house team of wedding planners has compiled a short list of things for you to remember to bring! We want our brides to have the experience of a lifetime and these insightful tips will be sure to make that happen!

Snacks and Water
 We can’t stress this enough! Keeping hydrated and making sure you have some food onsite is crucial on any wedding day! There is so much happening we don’t want you to not have some food to snack on while getting ready.

 Toothbrush and Toothpaste
Okay, we know this might sound a little funny, but we highly recommend bringing this to keep your pearly whites in check on your wedding day! You'll be taking a ton of photos so you'll want to make sure your smile stays bright! 

This is a huge and often forgotten! Your photographer will want to capture this on your wedding day and you will want these photos to remember your day by!

 Mascara and Lipstick
It’s totally normal to shed a few tears on your wedding day! Having a tube of mascara always on hand for touch ups is a great way to make sure you are still glowing in your photos! Your lipstick is also something that we suggest keeping with one of your bridesmaids or maybe even seeing if your photographer wouldn’t mind hanging on to it. Touch ups are going to be needed, and having these items close by is much easier than having to search for them. 

One thing we love at The Wheeler House is a good pair of wedding shoes! We love seeing so many of our bride’s different styles! We want our brides to be as comfy as possible so bringing a pair of flats or sandals to change into is a great idea!

Yes! We love when our brides bring speakers and have their favorite tunes playing while they are getting ready! This helps to set a fun and relaxing atmosphere at sets the tone for the entire day!

Headache Medicine
On your wedding day, you are probably going to smile more than you ever have! With taking tons of photos, and talking to all of your guests, we highly recommend taking some headache medicine before the festivities get started!

 Safety Pins/Mending Kit/Scissors
This will give you so much relief! Whether there are tags that need to be cut off dresses or a small button that needs sewed back on, bringing the mending kit will help anyone in your bridal party in case of emergencies.

With it being your wedding day, we are all about you getting some cute new wedding shoes that you totally love! Sometimes new shoes can cause blisters, especially if you have found your place on the dance floor! Having band-aids close by is something you will be so thankful for later on!

We so hope this blog will help many of our brides who are beginning to prep for their wedding day! These tips are guaranteed to make your wedding day run smoother and most importantly to help guide you through the wedding day process.

With love,
The Wheeler House

| Venue: The Wheeler House
| Photography: Claire Diana Photography |
| Florals: The Flower Post |

Friday, March 17, 2017

5 Ways to Save!

We are so happy to be sharing this blog with so many wonderful brides! We know wedding planning can be stressful, especially when you have a million things that you want done. We are here to help you! In more ways than one, we want to share with you our, ‘5 Ways to Save’ which will help cut cost in different areas of your wedding budget!

1.   Only Serve Beer and Wine
This will be a huge savings on your end! By only serving beer and wine, you don’t have to worry about bringing in a surplus of mixers and garnishes and you can provide a variety of reds and white for your guests to choose from!

2.   Consider off season rates
At The Wheeler House, we offer peak season and off season pricing! While we do book weddings year-round it is the bride and groom's personal preference when they would like to celebrate their special union! With our climate controlled barn, we make sure you and your guests are cozy and comfortable during any season! By choosing off season you can also focus on other things that will make your wedding bloom!

3.   Build your guest count beforehand
Know your guest count and stick to it! Not having 300 guests at your wedding will help keep costs down tremendously. If your budget allows for a maximum of 100 guests, keep that in mind. Once you start adding on guests you will need to factor in the cost for your extra food, cake, centerpieces, and so much more that can quickly add up! 

4.   No favors necessary!
We know everyone thinks this is a must, but we promise it’s not! By not supplying favors not only will this save you time, money, and effort but you also don’t have to worry about taking home what is left at the end of the night! With delicious cake and food, plus rocking entertainment your crowd will no doubt enjoy themselves!

5.   Skip the photo booth

Memories are made on the dance floor anyway! When you hire a photographer, they will be sure to capture you and your crowd all night long! The best photos are always the candid ones taken by your photographer.

Here you have it, '5 Ways to Save' from our in house vendor team that will be sure to help you in one way or another when preparing for your wedding day!


| Venue: The Wheeler House | Photography: Mike Moon Studio | Florals: Holland Daze

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Summertime Secrets

With spring close by we are beginning to meet with our summer brides, and we wanted to give out a few of our favorite summertime secrets that you will be happy you decided on for your wedding day!

Go with the Natural glow
Ladies, we totally understand wanting to have tan skin and wanting to add a little more color on the big day, however one thing we do not recommend is getting a spray tan! We would absolutely hate for your dress to get stained, and don't even want to think about what would happen if it were to rain. The natural glow is totally the way to go!

Summer Sippin’
We love the idea of having a signature cocktail on your wedding day! What better way to incorporate you and your grooms style than with one of your favorite drink recipes! A fun bright drink is just the ticket to get your reception started!

Treat your feet
We 100% recommend letting your bridesmaids wear sandals! Sandals are so comfy and can be styled with any type of dress, plus you don’t have to worry about the discomfort the heels bring.

{All above images are from: Ever and Ever Photography}

Re hydration Station

Summer in the south is no secret to some of how warm the temperature can get. Having a beverage station set up upon arrival adds a nice touch to have drinks ready and chilled for when guests arrive to the venue. Guests can sip on them before they take their seat and enjoy a sweet summer’s treat! Infused water bars or some southern strawberry lemonade is always a huge hit!
{Hillary Leah Photography}
Keeping Cool

We love having fans on display for your guests to grab as they sign in! Adding your program on the fan is a easy way to save cost on your budget and it's something guests will actually use. 

{Casey Green Photography}

With Summertime right around the corner, we hope this blog has helped inspire some of our precious couples with these helpful tips from our in house wedding planner and coordination team! We can’t wait for your big day with us and we hope some of these secrets will turn your day into a success!

Florals: Holland Daze

Friday, March 3, 2017

Why Not Us?

We have asked some of our recent brides to leave one word describing their experience with The Wheeler House, here’s what they had to say.

Experience. Variety. Timeless.

So often when couples are on the search for their venue it is so easy to get swayed by venues who offer "site fees" or "rental fees" which seem like a steal at the time but when you begin to factor in other cost, you might wonder how  you are ever going to find reliable companies that you can fully trust on the biggest day of your life. What’s not always factored in is what's normally a large factor in your budget. So why us? Why The Wheeler House?

All Inclusive Packages
With two ceremony locations, a bridal suite, and groom’s suite our beautiful Georgia wedding venue offers up the full package. We've done all of the research for you to find the best of the best! We have catering built into our package, along with delicious cake, and a DJ company that is sure to rock your wedding. Having a vendor team that you know and trust is crucial to any event! When adding our in house vendor team we secured a team that we fully trust and have the utmost confidence in to deliver nothing but satisfaction for our brides and grooms on their wedding day.

Bring your own
At The Wheeler House, we allow you to bring in your own alcohol for your wedding, This is a significant saving factor in your budget! While most venues require you to use their bar packages or for you to pay for any guest over the age of 21 which The Wheeler House doesn't require either. The Wheeler House provides you with a bartender for your event and has an ice machine to ensure everything stays cold. Whatever you choose to serve your guests with for the evening is completely up to you! You have the flexibility to provide all of the alcohol, mixers and garnishes for your big day! 

The Wheeler Cottages
Being able to offer our clients overnight accommodations is something we have dreamed of since we opened our doors! With our cottages less than a quarter mile down the road, we have sleeping arrangements for 30 of your closest friends and family! Each cottage has a full kitchen and bathroom. A close location for your guests to stay is so beneficial in so many ways.

Wedding Planners and Staff

Our amazing team of vendors makes everything run so smooth for our clients! Our in house wedding planners are not only extremely knowledgeable in the wedding industry but also experienced. Being in business for over 5+ years now our planners are trained and prepared for whatever the day may bring. With a staff behind us taking care of parking, trash, and restocking the venue we guarantee to relieve as much work from your day as possible so sit back and relax and let us serve you!

We hope this has helped all of not just our couples but all engaged couples in general when they begin their process to search for wedding venues! Make sure you fall in love with the venue and what they provide, just like you fell in love with each other!

 |Florist: Holland Daze| Decor: Miss Milly's|

Friday, February 24, 2017

Be our Guest.

We are elated to share this blog with you, giving you an inside and in-depth look at The Wheeler Cottages, and an opportunity to see the possibilities of your pre and post wedding festivities!

The Wheeler Cottages serve as our overnight accommodations for our clients. Located less than a quarter of a mile down the road from The Wheeler House, we offer the newly renovated and professionally decorated cottages for a variety of your wedding day needs!

With sleeping arrangements for 30 of your closest friends and family, each cottage comes complete with a full kitchen, living room, bathroom, multiple bedrooms, and a back deck.

One of our favorite spots at the cottages is our fire pit area! This is the perfect place to have s'mores, while telling hilarious stories of how everyone met the bride and groom.

"Having everyone so close made our wedding weekend like a destination wedding, the cottages are so quaint, it’s like they are your house for the weekend. Everyone had a blast!" – Former bride -Sarah Jones November 2016

“Being able to offer a close place to stay, have your rehearsal dinner, enjoy a full house for the girls to get their hair and makeup done that photographs beautifully is like a dream come true for our brides,” says The Wheeler Cottages manager, Ashley, “It's everything brides could want for their wedding weekend, and it's 1 minute away from their venue!” she adds.

The Wheeler Cottages Feature:
-Accommodations for up to 30 guests!
-3 cottages on property
-Multiple bedrooms per cottage
-1 full bathroom per cottage
-Full kitchen per cottage
-Dining area
-Fire pit
-Back Porch

-Possible area for rehearsal dinner

(All of the above images are from Hillary Leah Photography)

For more information on The Wheeler Cottages or to book  your weekend wedding get away with us, give us a call to check availability! North Georgia's most desired wedding venue is ready to make your wedding destination dreams come true!
{Photo by: Amy E Photography}