Friday, February 17, 2017

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered…. What’s next?

So, you’ve sent out your wedding day invitations, you’re probably wondering what’s next, right? All while trying not to freak out that you’ve just sent out your wedding invites to your closest friends and family. Embrace it.

This week’s informative blog is to help our brides nail down remaining details as we close in the final months before their big day. Listed below are some prominent suggestions that aren’t necessarily “last minute” but will help guarantee that you aren’t forgetting anything major before your wedding day!

1.    It’s not just about the day, but what’s happening that night!
After your wedding, you have to go somewhere, right? It’s a major factor to make sure that you have finalized your accommodations for the wedding night, along with how you and your new spouse are going to get there! The month before your wedding is the perfect time to secure/finalize your destination, while making sure that you have a safe and secure way to get there!

2.    Simple Thank you’s
We know its crunch time, but it’s so important to remember those who have been there along your journey! If you are planning on giving gifts, cards, or letter to your any members of your bridal party/family, now is the perfect time to get a jump start on these! This takes time. Making it personal and not last minute by handwriting your thank you’s to everyone will make you so much happier you took care of this a month before instead of the week of your wedding while you really trying to finish last minute details. And if you have any gifts you are giving out, go ahead and start wrapping them and prepping them for the big day! 

3.    Trial and Error
Brides, if you haven’t already scheduled a hair and makeup trial now would be the time to do so! Sometimes wedding day make up can be applied a little heavier than your normal everyday look, it’s important to have a trial to ensure you like the way this is going to look on you! The same goes for your hairstyle, especially if you are planning on adding a veil, flower crown, or a hair piece of some sort, you definitely want to have an idea of how it will look the day of so you aren’t shocked.

4.    Vendor Relations
This is key. Contacting all of your vendors prior to your wedding will you help you immensely. This will alleviate stress and make sure that everything is squared away. It’s important to confirm any remaining details, payments, and timelines to allow any necessary changes before the wedding.

5. Beginning to Build
We know you are still waiting on your RSVPs to come in, but this is the perfect time to begin planning your seating chart! Start thinking of how you want this to be presented, will you need an easel or a table to prop it up on? We strongly suggest seating charts so there is no confusion on where guests need to go! This will be a huge relief on your wedding day because everyone who RSVP’d will be guaranteed a spot!

In closing, our team of wedding planners compiled these top 5 to do’s while you are waiting to get back your RSVPs! These are tremendous tips that will allow you to enjoy the process! Like we said in the beginning, embrace it! We are here to help and make this the best experience it can be for you, your family, and your closest friends!

(All of the above images are from Mike Moon Studio Photography)

Friday, February 10, 2017

The Weather Was Frightful but the Weddings Were Delightful!

It’s not very often we in Georgia get snow during the winter months. It’s also not often that we get to experience snow, and ice on the same weekend we have two weddings booked!

The State of Georgia was declared in a State of Emergency but did that mean we at The Wheeler House were too? We couldn’t possibly think of cancelling or postponing our weddings on Saturday, January 7th and Sunday, January 8th. We have committed to these brides and it was our job to do the best job we possibly could! 

On Saturday morning our owner picked up our day of coordinator for that wedding, while one of his generous family members went and picked up our staff. We had our staff arrive and begin salting our brick cobblestone pathway around the property. While some of the workers salted the entire property, the others were shoveling the snow and clearing the way for when the guests and bridal party arrived.

For both of the weddings that weekend we were so fortunate that all of the vendors coming were able to arrive safely and were able to deliver their requested services as promised!

While cleaning up the venue Saturday night and setting up for the next day, the roads re-froze and were too dangerous for the staff to travel home on! Our staff ended up spending the night at The Wheeler House so they could help us the next day! They were such troopers to work back to back for us in our desperate time of need and we are forever thankful for them.

After another night of temperatures below freezing we had one more celebration to pull off! Again, our owner went and picked up our day of coordinator and we began to prep for that day’s outdoor wedding! Might we add the photos were simply gorgeous! We had amazing turnouts for both weddings and were so ecstatic that our brides were the first brides in the history of The Wheeler House to have a beautiful snow setting as the background for their wedding photos.

We wish you guys all the best and we were so fortunate to have your special day with us! 

(All of the above images are from: Katelyn Cantrell Photography)

Friday, February 3, 2017

Now Introducing….

Now Introducing….

Drum roll please........

The Wheeler House would personally like to introduce our new in house catering team, Events by Dezine! EBD is a full service catering company based out of Cumming, GA. Owner; Jennifer Mineo is no secret to the wedding industry. With over 15 years of catering experience we know our clients are in great hands!

Offering a better variety than ever, all of our clients will have china, flatware, water goblets and linen napkins that will ALL be included in your Wheeler House package! This is such an elegant factor that will be sure to wow your guests at your reception!


With a delicious menu for our brides and grooms to choose from we are over the moon to welcome this amazing team on board! While selecting your entrĂ©e’s, our couples also have a variety of sides to add on, plus an optional dessert bar that is to die for!

Giving our clients the absolute best service possible is our main goal at The Wheeler House and we know with a team like EBD that is exactly what they are getting! From start to finish your day will be complete with our in house wedding coordinators, staff, cake, Dj services, and catering! We know and trust our vendor team and we are determined to make your dream wedding everything and more! 

“Events By Dezine is proud to be featured as The Wheeler House's newest vendor partner! It’s been a long time in my prayers to come back to work with these wonderful people again!”- Owner, Jennifer Mineo

(All of the above images are from: Rooted Soul Photography)

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Show Me the Details!

Show Me the Details!

Thought and Time.
Two words. Two different meanings. Two personal wedding day elements that mean so much to our precious brides.

For those of you who have never really thought about the significant wedding day details that capitalize on you and your fiance's big day, we are writing this to show you the importance of adding your own personalized style to your wedding day! We are focusing on a few of our top wedding day details that 1) will take up some of your time but 2) will be the most thoughtful and sincere part of your wedding.
These details will deliver the most perfect pictures and memories for you when reflecting back on your day!

The elegance and simplicity of the jewelry you decide to wear on your wedding day showcases the features of simply you! The saying, "less is more" certainly does hold some truth to your wedding day. We suggest choosing pieces that will compliment you and your signature style on your big day!

We love seeing the detailed shots of wedding invitations, save the dates, and all other wedding stationary that sometimes seems to get overlooked! Utilizing your color scheme of the wedding or perhaps the time of year that the wedding is taking place is such sentimental way incorporating everything together!

Handwritten Letters
This is so important! One of the most emotional moments that can be photographed on your wedding day. Writing a letter that you spent time on and sending it to your person is forever one of our favorite moments. To see the raw emotion revealed is so heartwarming and shows the sincerity between the bride and groom.
{All of the above images are from Claire Diana Photography}
Bridal Gifts
As if having your best girls by your side doesn’t already mean enough, it is so meaningful to share with them your gratitude. Bridal gifts and cards always compliment the bridal suite so well, while giving your girls a nice surprise on the day of! 
{West Destiny Drive Photography}

It is our job and number one priority to help all of our brides! This is why we want to make sure these details don't go unrecognized. While they do take time and thought, they will be what you remember when you look back on your wedding day photos and think of how much effort you put in to making your day perfect! These details surely don't go unrecognized at The Wheeler House!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

What's #Trending

What’s #Trending

New trends, new looks, and new styles. After all, a New Year means a new beginning, right?

Correct! We are eager to share with you all everything we are seeing weekend after weekend and what is slowly sweeping the wedding industry and The Wheeler House wedding venue. Our weddings at our beautiful North Georgia barn venue have seen firsthand the styles come and go year after year. We must say, 2017 is about to change the game!

Pantone, Inc. released its official color of the year for 2017 and we couldn’t be more thrilled for what this means for the wedding industry! “Greenery,” has been named as the color of the year for this year! Brides, this luscious green is going to make your day pop! Imagine your bouquets cascading with the most vibrant flowers radiating off your wedding gown. Talk about dreamy!
{Claire Diana Photography - Bouquet: Holland Daze}

Design/Style: Boho
Urban Elegance = the “new Rustic” – Wedding Wire EDU.
This couldn't be more true! As the rustic era ends we are welcoming the bohemian/ urban style which is so trendy to so many young brides. The boho look still adds a lovely sense of elegance so you aren't completely straying away from that! It's all about originality and what fits best for the bride and groom! Our property has so many vibrant green spaces and trees that we feel it's practically picture perfect!

Gray suits
Gray is the new black and we kinda love it! For the gentleman it’s all the rage! Gray is such a sophisticated looking color and we love that it’s taking its place on the wedding scene.
{Claire Diana Photography}

Doughnut Bars
 Yes, please! Doughnuts not only taste delicious but they are so easy to devour all while looking adorable! A doughnut bar is awesome and totally recommended by The Wheeler House team! It is the ideal sweet treat and you can have a variety of flavors so it's like there is something for everyone!

{Alea Moore Photography}

{Claire Diana Photography}

Sleeves| Sheer and Sexy| Mixed Lace| - Wedding Trend Guide 2017

These looks are becoming the hit of 2017. We are loving the detailed backs on dresses whether they are completely open or have beautiful lace detail giving illusion to the imagination. We have praised the sleeves before and will totally keep doing so! The sheer and sexy looks seems to be entering with full force! While remaining modern, it still adds a gorgeous touch that screams classic!
{Mike Moon Studios}

{Kelly Anne Photography}

Sheer and Sexy

"Brides will be seeing a ton of illusion necklines and backs on sleek silhouettes giving them the chance to show their sexy and classy, or as we like to call it "Clexy" style."
-Kimberl McAchran 

Make sure to follow our weekly blogs keeping up with all of the The Wheeler House inside scoops, trending topics, wedding insights and more! 

Monday, January 9, 2017

A Year in Review: 2016

Was it the people, the cake, the first dances, or the magical sendoffs that made this past year a dream come true? We aren’t sure because each of the above seemed to become more special as the year went on. As you all know, another year has come and gone at The Wheeler House. A year full of weddings, special events, laughter and tears. It never really seems surreal to us until the year comes to an end and we can reflect back on all the special relationships that we formed that year. It is our pleasure to share with you all some of our favorites from 2016!

Dress: Tenisha Little Meko
To say this dress was stunning is a complete understatement. The bead work and design that this beauty shows was so unbelievably gorgeous! The long sleeved dress style was such a refreshing change to look at as well! 
{Kaptured Photography}
Grooms attire: Kirstin Willard Cagle
Navy was definitely the color for 2016! Stephen looked dapper in his suit and we loved the cream color tie! It was the perfect accent color to compliment his beautiful bride, Kirstin!
{Mike Moon Studio} 
Cakes: Amanda Lassig Cunningham and Whitney Price Zapeta
We are all about some wedding cake here at The Wheeler House! 2016 didn't seem to disappoint either! The cake on the left was made by our in house baker, Lush Cakery, it was such a work of art! The light pink rosette icing was a beautiful touch and matched Amanda's color scheme perfect! 
The cake on the right was so amazing! Whitney's husband Manny is a firefighter and what better way could they celebrate than with a cake that's a fire hydrant with the hose wrapped around it! This was so unique and we loved it! 
{Left:Eve and Ever Photography - Right: Reflections of Joy Photography}

Getaway car: Blake Lisle Bryant
This classic beauty was so fitting for such an elegant affair! The 1920 Rolls Royce served the role of our Newlyweds making their grand exit at their September wedding with us! It was such a neat way to head off from their big day. 
{Kayla Johnson Photography}
Special Guest appearance: Corinne Clark Summerford
This was on of the coolest things to ever happen in the history of The Wheeler House! Corinne had secretly planned for Hairy Dawg, The University of Georgia's mascot, to come and make a surprise guest appearance at her and Jake's wedding! Jake had no idea what was happening when "Glory Glory" started playing and the barn doors were slid open wide for Hairy Dawg to greet the Newlyweds and all their guests! Amazing idea Corinne, we loved it! 
{Brittany Rae Photography}
Bridesmaid’s dresses: Amanda Roberts Durrence
Pretty Pretty Pretty! These girls looked radiant in their purple dresses! The one thing that we loved about these dresses was that they were all a different style at the top of the dress but still kept their length at the bottom which still gave off the elegant look! This pale purple color was just as lovely! Not a color that is overly used and it went so well with the Durrence wedding in April!
{Claire Diana Photography}
Overall decor: Brittany Phillips Wojohn
This December dream was such a stunning wedding to be a part of! Brittany and her mom and an amazing vision for this day and with the help of Miss Milly's Event Rentals and Design, plus Holland Daze their dream day become a whimsical winter extravaganza and more!

{ Mike Moon Studio}

           Best Surprise: Katie Logan Morey
This was probably one of the most rewarding moments we as a venue have ever had the privilege of being a part of. Whenever we did our planning meetings with Katie she was unsure if her brother would be able to be at her wedding. She didn’t know if he would be able to take leave and come, so at her rehearsal she let our coordinator know that he wasn’t going to make it. Little did she know her photographer and soon to be sister-in-law had already given us the heads up that her brother was going to be able to make it, but it was going to be a complete and total surprise for Katie. Right before Katie was about to change into her wedding dress her bridesmaids had a video for her, it was her brother letting her know how much he loved her and wished he could be there on her wedding day…. Katie had planned a first look with her groom so as she was preparing for that, A Creative Pear photography actually had her brother in place ready for the surprise! When Katie turned the corner of The Wheeler House to see her groom for the first time, her brother was turning the other corner to surprise her! I’m pretty sure everyone who was standing alongside to watch was sobbing because it was a moment that you couldn’t really describe. Katie was so surprised to see him and it was the best feeling to be able to witness such a special reunion. 
{A Creative Pear Photography}
Flowers: Kelsey Johnson Sears
  This September bride stunned us with her unique floral signature provided by one of of our favorite vendors, Holland Daze! Kelsey's bridesmaids wore a very pale pink, while her groom and groomsmen wore navy suits! The florals added the perfect pop of color for her gorgeous wedding!
{ Mike Moon Studio}
Most unique unity ceremony: Kaitlyn Crawford Bell
Our heart strings were tugged at a little bit on this special day for Mr. and Mrs. Bell. Kaitlyn and Rick were one of the most genuine couples we've ever had the pleasure of working with. For their unity ceremony they wanted it to just be the two of them and they wanted share a special foot washing together. It was such a unique and beautiful moment watching a new husband and wife form an unbreakable bond not only with themselves but with Christ. 
{Erin K Wood Photography}
Best first reaction: Alyssa Sale Hill
This one made our hearts so happy! These bridesmaids seeing their girl for the first time was absolutely priceless! Alyssa had such a fun May wedding and these girls played a huge role in that! 
{Claire Diana Photography}
This is probably one of our most favorite blogs we have ever written for many reasons, but there is one that sticks out more than most. This year was special. Plain and simple, it was truly filled with special moments and memories that will stay with us forever! Thank you to each and every one of our brides and grooms for choosing us to share the most special day of your life with! You all hold a special place in our hearts!
With love,
The Wheeler House 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Winter Wonderland Open House

Winter Wonderland Open House

One of the most special times of the year here in North Georgia always takes place in January. With engagement season in full swing, it is time for our Winter Wonderland open house that we host yearly!

{Photography: Once like a spark photography}
It is an event that jump starts our new year and makes us more eager than ever to kick off another wedding filled year! We invite all of our current and potential brides and grooms, plus their families, and friends to come out for a day filled with remarkable food, fun, and entertainment!

Photography:Mike Moon Studios}  
We will have The Wheeler Cottages on display  with tours of all three homes !  Brides will get to meet and greet our team of in house vendors, and have the opportunity to get acquainted with a variety of our preferred vendors who we have worked with and highly recommend!  All of our in house coordinators are on site as well to help answer any questions that you may have!

{Photography: Hillary Leah Photography}
It is an awesome opportunity to come out and fall in love with The Wheeler House even more! We can’t wait to see you all on January 22nd!
Be sure to click the link below to RSVP: